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JUL 2021 | ISSUE 31
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Here’s Your Reading Summary

At this time of the year, many of us would be posting pictures about our getaways and summer exchanges to places far and wide. Sadly, with our largest cluster yet, we probably would have to shelve those plans for a while. In this week’s reading list, we’ve selected a few articles that carefully analyse the impact of COVID-19 on aviation. Plan your future vacation with these scholarly predictions in mind.

This Week’s Reads:
Air Travel Since COVID-19

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Flights have been reduced by 43% compared to 2019, prior to COVID-19. This article presents some research findings and looks at new protocols to ensure that air travel is safe and begs the question, “Is it safe to fly”?

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The paper compares the impacts of COVID-19 to previous pandemics and other types of global crises and explores how the pandemic may change society, the economy and tourism. It discusses why COVID-19 is an analogue to the ongoing climate crisis, and why there is a need to question the volume growth tourism model advocated by tourism organisations.

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This article looks at how the aviation industry was prior to the pandemic, how the sector has been affected by the pandemic and how the management of the sector is likely to react to the current challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic to enable it to succeed in the “next normal”.

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Restoring traveller confidence is contingent on how, and to what extent people travel after the pandemic. This paper attempts to identify and predict short-term and long-term post-COVID travel behaviour, contributing to tourism research on crisis and disasters and facilitating the tourism industry in the post-COVID era.
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Ancient Stories Retold

The team reviews Klara and the Sun – This It has already been a year since ReadNUS began its journey to promote reading. In commemoration of this milestone, we reached out to three of our EXCOs to give their thoughts on Ishiguro’s latest novel, Klara and the Sun. Check out our article and find out what our EXCO did not enjoy about the book.

Orientalism's Interlocutors

For Preetea, The Book Thief definitely meets the high ratings it was given – Also in our Book Review today, Preetea explains why she thinks The Book Thief is a must-read that showcases the presence of cruelty and kindness, and, above all, albeit closer to the bottom of the list than the top. To find out more about his thoughts on this best selling book, head over to our website to read the full article!


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