Malay Newspapers

This collection consists of three Malay vernacular newspapers published in Malaya starting from 1930. It covers the social news, religious matters, editorials devoted to political affairs of Malaya and contained the latest news both local and foreign.

  • Majlis (1933-1954) Inche’ Mohd. Amin bin Mohd. Yusoff, a landed proprietor and a well-known Malay businessman in Kuala Lumpur started the Majlis (The Council), a newspaper dedicated to the service of the people, religion and country. This newspaper started as a twice weekly publication in Kuala Lumpur in December 1931. It claimed in its first editorial to be a “national” paper striving for the ‘national* unity and the upliftment of the Malays. It published articles of political nature and nationalistic tone written by Malay nationalist. In 1955, the paper closed down. It had enjoyed quite a high position among the Malay papers in the country, and was held in quite high esteem by the Malay reading public.


  • Warta Negara (1946-1962) – Warta Negara (the Country Times) was first published on September 4th, 1945 in Penang. The Warta Negara started off under the sole proprietorship of Inche’ Ahmad Jailani until 1948 and eventually turned into a private limited company in 1951. This Penang Malay newspaper has a wide circulation in North Malaya.


  • Warta Mingguan (1953-1962) – Warta Mingguan (the Weekly Times) was the weekly edition of Warta Negara. It started in 1953 and Inche’ Abdul Wahab Zain was the editor. In addition to regular news, it also contains some regular pages for Malay literary works.
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