A Survey of British Straits Settlements in Nanyang (南洋英属海峡殖民地志略)

Song Yunpu (宋蕴璞)

Nan Yang Ying Shu Hai Xia Zhi Min Di Zhi Lue (南洋英属海峡殖民地志略), or A Survey of British Straits Settlements in Nanyang, was published in Beijing in 1930.

The author, Song Yunpu (宋蕴璞), visited Singapore and Malaya for three and a half years in the 1920s. This book is a comprehensive survey and observation of the Straits Settlements during his visit. His account is invaluable as it is the first extensive review of the life and events in the Straits Settlements in Chinese language.




There are three sections in this book — Singapore, Penang and Melaka. Each section comprises eight chapters namely:

  • Introduction
  • Agriculture & Mining
  • State & Society
  • Personalities
  • Sites of Visit
  • Entertainment
  • Sightseeing
  • Miscellaneous

It also covers some aspects of other communities, such as lifestyle, custom and occupation of the Malay.

Rich in historical narratives, this book is an important source of reference for the study of Chinese community in the pre-war Straits Settlements.

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