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MAY 2021 | ISSUE 26
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Mothers day is the perfect time for us to show our appreciation for the extraordinary group of women we call our mothers. In commemoration of this meaningful day, we have picked 4 books that we believe will shed some light on the exceptionality often displayed by the women that occupy this role.

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Feminist theories have focused on contemporary, Western, middle-class experiences of maternity. The contributors document a wide variety of conceptions of motherhood, and drawing on ethnographic and historical research, they explore the relationships between motherhood as embodied experience and the local discourses on maternity from Asia and the Pacific.

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This collection examines the invented tradition of mammismo and contextualises it by discussing other ways in which the role of mothers, and the mother-son relationship, have been understood and represented in culture and society over the last century and a half, both in Italy and in its diaspora.

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This edited collection examines concepts and realities of motherhood in the ancient world. The collection uses essays on the Roman Empire, Mesoamerica, the Philippines, Egypt, and India to emphasize the concept of motherhood as a worldwide phenomenon and experience.

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Traditional histories of war have typically explored masculine narratives of military and political action, leaving private, domestic life relatively unstudied. This volume looks at the relationships between mothers and children, and the varied roles both have assumed during periods of armed conflict.

Literary Journal
Ancient Stories Retold

Saishwar reviews Shuggie Bain – Despite being just his debut novel, Douglas Stuarts’ Shuggie Bain has ensnared the minds of readers worldwide, earning it the prestigious Booker Prize for 2020. Set in Scotland during the Thatcher-era, the book weaves together the themes of politics and the human condition in a dark story that will force you to confront some of the unsavoury yet moving realities of life. Check out Saishwar’s review of this book to find out more!

Orientalism's Interlocutors

In our Literary Journal this week, Haris reviews The Truths We Hold by Kamala Harris, the current Vice-President of the USA. Harris’ book reflects the issues of American life in a poignant and emotive way, and offers an excellent insider view of the conversations that were not privy to the public. If you are interested in books on US politics, check out Haris’ review on our website!

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