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APR 2021 | ISSUE 24
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The month of fasting, or Ramadan, begins on 13 April this year for our Muslim friends. It’s a significant religious observance in Islamic tradition, so we’ve picked some relevant titles to help you understand its meaning. Here’s your reading summary for this week:

This Week’s Reads:

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In this chapter, the author looks at the early development and religious meaning of fasting in Ramadan.

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What is Ramadan and how do Muslims observe the month?

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In recent years, the holy month of Ramadan has, in Indonesia, allegedly shifted from a period of piety to a euphoric spectacle of consumerism.

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History proves that there are strong French precedents for allowing the Republic to make space for its Muslim citizens.

Literary Journal
We’re launching our very own Literary Journal! Each month, we’ll publish a few articles discussing the trendiest authors, books and reading news. Simply put, Lirra’s Literary Journal is your go-to publication for all things reading.
Rereading Harry Potter

Fithri recommends these books for every Singaporean – Using international best-sellers or Goodreads to find our next read means that we tend to overlook the literary gems in our own backyard. That’s why in todays edition of our Literary journal, Fithri shifts our attention back to the local scene and highlights some of her favourite books to come out of Singapore in recent years! From Fiction to non-fiction and even poetry, you just might find something that will pique your interest in our latest article. Visit our website to read the full article!

The Space Opera Subgenre

Haris reviews The House In The Cerulean Sea – In this week’s book review, ReadNUS Publicity Assistant Director, Haris, tells all about the things he loves and doesn’t love about ‘The House in the Cerulean Sea’ by T.J Klune. He writes: “The book certainly offers some unique contributions within the fantasy and young adult genres, and it is backed by a robust plot with thought-provoking themes and lovable characters. Yet, I cannot help but feel that the style of writing is slightly overpowering, making this read a bit of a miss.” Head over to our website for his full review.

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