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Feb 2021 | ISSUE 20
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Here’s Your Reading Summary

A niu year brings an abundance of new events for ReadNUS! This bullish month, we’re excited to invite you to 2 big events for readers! And don’t forget that our curated reading lists will always be there for you, steady as an ox:

  • Read 4 new titles on the theme of Lost Cultures
  • Hear from the owners of BooksActually, Ethos Books and NUS Press on how they’re adapting their businesses to contemporary disruptions in our upcoming Kopi Talks
  • Watched the US Presidential Inauguration? Discuss the history of poetry that has been written for the US Presidential Elections in our February Book Club

This Week’s Reads: Lost Cultures

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South Asia’s first civilisation, labelled “Harappa” by archaeologists, flourished from the mid-third millennium to the very early second millennium bce on the plains of the Indus and Ghaggar-Hakra rivers.

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This article firstly explores how Al-Ula, an ancient city in northwestern Arabian Peninsula, thrived historically despite little rainfall, and reviews the historic civilizations that ruled this oasis.

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The thermopolium – from the Greek “thermos” for hot and “poleo” to sell – at what was a busy intersection of Silver Wedding Street and Alley of Balconies, was the Roman era equivalent of a fast-food snack stall.

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Among the shadowy countries of the Nan-hai, Langkasuka has been the one to excite most speculation for not only does it feature prominently in Chinese histories, but it is also mentioned in Indian, Arab, Malay, Javanese and possibly in European records.

February Events
Kopi Talks

Kopi Talks – The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way our local literary publishers and book stores operate. Join this engaging panel discussion to learn more about how our local literary scene is adapting to these disruptions.

Panelists include Kenny Leck (Owner of BooksActually), Fong Hoe Fang (Owner of Ethos Books) and Peter Schoppert (Director of NUS Press).

The event is free and open to all. Happening on the 24th of February, Wednesday, 8PM – 9PM, via Zoom, sign up with us at:


Lirra Visits: The Book Cafe. A review by Bryan Chang

Book Club –This month, in light of the recent presidential elections, we take a trip back in time and revisit other monumental moments in American political history through a reading of poetry.

Our February Book Club is happening on the 20th of February, Saturday, 8PM – 930PM via zoom. Sign up via this link to join us in a casual discussion of history, politics and literature!

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