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Feb 2021 | ISSUE 19
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The Chinese New Year weekend is coming up! Take that time to catch up on your (non-academic) reads, and if you’re single on the 14th, know that we’ll keep you company with our curated reading lists:

This week’s reads: New Year’s Around the World

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Gorokhova discusses visiting with her childhood friend in St Petersburg Russia during the days leading up to the New Year

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As multiculturalism has been more recognized, celebrating Chinese New Year gradually has become a public cultural event, practiced within and beyond the diasporic outskirts.

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The purpose of the study is to present New Year’s celebrations around the world and to develop a typology for attending them.

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The writer talks about celebrating the Kickapoo New Year and other Indian new years.

Literary Journal
We’re launching our very own Literary Journal! Each month, we’ll publish a few articles discussing the trendiest authors, books and reading news. Simply put, Lirra’s Literary Journal is your go-to publication for all things reading.
The Philosophy of Language by Alexander Miller. A book review: by Eldrick Cheong

In this edition of our book reviews, Eldrick explores Alexander Miller’s seminal text, Philosophy of Language. Meticulous and elaborate, this book provides a comprehensive and insightful overview of the subject while tackling a broad range of philosophies pertaining to language and its meaning.

Check out Eldrick’s review on our website for a more thorough rundown of the book and its contents.

Lirra Visits: The Book Cafe. A review by Bryan Chang

Bryan Chang kickstarts our quest to find the best book cafes in Singapore. The first stop on the list is The Book Cafe. A popular weekend hangout, this cafe boasts a wide variety of reading materials and serves a handful of delectable deserts!

Head over to our website to view the full article and find out more about Bryan’s experience at the cafe!

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