The Union Times (总汇新报)

The Union Times (总汇新报) was set up in 1905 by the revolutionaries Teo Eng Hock (张永福) and Tan Chor Nam (陈楚楠). It was soon taken over by the pro-reformist group and became the organ of the Baohuanghui (Protect Emperor Party), who advocated a national rejuvenation in China through the restoration of a monarch. The newspapers laid more emphasis on political and social views. Typical of the Chinese newspapers then, The Union Times was more concerned about Asian news, especially local news and the news from China.  

The newspaper was the first to use punctuation in the editorial and featured articles, which made the articles easier to read. It also focused more on news and editorial articles, with news on Fujian and Guangdong covering at least one page, and put more emphasis on its supplements. The Union Times rose quickly to become one of the leading Chinese newspapers in Singapore. In 1939, Aw Boon Haw (胡文虎) took over the newspaper press. The Union Times ceased publication in 1946. Publications from June 1908 to December 1946 are now available online at Digital Gems.



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