Chess: More than a Game

What does the word ‘chess’ mean to you? Is it only just a game, or is it something more?

Dive into the unexplored world of chess in our latest thematic book jacket display* at Central Library featuring recommended reads by librarians, Winnifred and Patsy. Travel back in time to discover the origins of chess and how the game gradually evolved into what you see and know of today. Unravel the logic behind chess movements and be intrigued by the roles played by chess in popular culture, business and life. Whether you’re a chess enthusiast or an avid amateur, you’ll find something relevant for yourself.

Itching to play chess but do not own a set yourself? Fret not! We have placed 2 chess sets in PH2 on Level 5 so all you need to do is just grab a friend, settle down comfortably and start playing!

(*psst… the thematic book jacket display will be up from now till end October)

Book Jacket Display @ Central Library Level 4 – Chess: More than a Game

Seems like someone is deep in thought~

What’s your next move?

Chess sets in PH2 @ Central Library Level 5

Roman Chess

Chinese Chess

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