ORCID Challenge Winners

Thank you everyone for participating in the ORCID Challenge, which was held from 13 to 31 March.

And now a drum roll for the winners…

$50 Kinokuniya Voucher  – Lee Soh Ee (xxx819)

$20 Starbucks Voucher – Ma Ho Yin (Axxxx127N)

$20 Kinokuniya Voucher – Lim Yang Lu Regan Edberine (Axxxx605Y)

$10 Starbucks Vouchers:

  • Amanda Chong Ci En (Axxxx916B)
  • Chen Yushu (Axxxx506Y)
  • Chim Chee Kong (xxx932)
  • Elza Cheslie Loo Dela Cruz (Axxxx146A)
  • Khor Rui En (Axxxx425H)
  • Loke Yuan Ren (xxx805)
  • Mandakhalikar Kedar Diwakar (xxx170)
  • Tan Xin You (Axxxx242L)
  • Yap Bei Yi, Bernice (Axxxx362J)
  • Zheng Junjie (Axxxx210A)

Researcher Mug with your very own customized ORCID iD:

  • Choi Kwan Bum (xxx660)
  • Lee Chun Hung (Axxxx948U)
  • Lee Jian Ler (Axxxx628M)
  • Sandra Guzman Lingbawan (Axxxx243R)
  • Shannon Lee Xinjing (Axxxx255N)
  • Shi Huilin (Axxxx467X)
  • Tan Yuen Ling Lynette (xxx463)

Congratulations to all the winners! Please check your NUS email on the collection time and procedures.

For the rest, keep a look out for upcoming events from NUS Libraries, you can be the next WINNER!

While the ORCID Challenge has ended, you can still register for an ORCID iD @ orcid.org/register.
Create and take advantage of its benefits:

  • Distinguishes you from other researchers with similar names
  • Stays with you for life whichever institution you go to
  • Acts as your online CV to increase your research visibility
  • And more


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