Hello, I’m From NUS Libraries: Luo Linyu

The Hello, I’m From NUS Libraries series will take you on a reading cruise featuring eight of our staff members who have been awarded the NUS Quality Service Award. Get to know the people behind your Library and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes.

Meet Luo Linyu.

Linyu is a resource librarian at the Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library (HSSML), which primarily serves the NUS School of Business. Aside from the usual duties that librarians do, such as helping users at the Information Desk, online chat, and conducting Information Literacy Programmes, Linyu works very closely with the Business School’s PhD & Research Office. Queries from the faculty and staff are handled by her.

Central to her excellent service is the desire to help people and see them happy. At the same time, she wants to debunk the stereotypical image of the librarian – librarianship comprise many things and they are experts in their respective areas. Linyu herself was trained in International Trade and Business before she did her MSc in Information Studies. She also wants users to understand that the Library has a lot to offer. It is more than a place to borrow and return books.

Friendship, says Aristotle, is a “slowly ripening fruit” and the fruit of Linyu’s perseverance and undeterred dedication in fostering genuine friendships with her working partners outside the Library was borne through the display of trust and willingness to open up on their part. It was, to Linyu, her greatest feat when a senior manager from the Business School invited Linyu to brief the School’s senior management on SciVal[1]. There, the Associate Director expressed her appreciation for Linyu who has been continually rendering assistance to the School. The other department heads, too, found Linyu’s sharing insightful and much-needed by other faculty and staff.

No man is an island and that is certainly what Linyu feels; she would not have been able to achieve so much without help from the people around her. She is particularly grateful to have the NUS Libraries’ Bibliometrics Team and everyone in HSSML especially Lay Tin and Kah Wei, for guiding, supporting and working alongside her.

If you want to know more about what Linyu and other librarians do, feel free to ask or comment below. In the meantime, stay tuned for the next piece in the Hello, I’m from NUS Libraries series!

Linyu will be co-conducting a Researcher Unbound workshop on Marketing databases this March. Interested? Go ahead and click on those links to find out more!

[1] Elsevier’s SciVal offers quick, easy access to the research performance of 7,500 research institutions and 220 countries worldwide. As a bibliometric tool, it is commonly used for benchmarking performance, developing collaborative partners and analysing research trends.

Kho Su Yian, Diyana

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