b’Cause – Preview

Our annual fundraising sale is coming up soon and this year and every year this Librarian gets very excited to ‘help’ with the pricing and sorting of books that are donated. Partially because I love books and the sheer variety of books we get every year is absolutely amazing. So, in this post, and a few more over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some interesting finds with you.



I think this picture illustrates the variety we’ve received. In this picture alone, we feature:

  • A scientific take on the preparation of food and studying how and why different ingredients come together
  • Compilation of commentary from historians, sociologists and more on the rapid expansion of urban spaces in Asia
  • A book that teaches the importance and value of being able to have and understand different perspectives even that of our canine friends
  • An adult colouring book illustrating the majestic beasts we share our planet with
  • A psychology text book looking more at practical applications of the topic to our real life

We also have books on business, medicine, science and of course, fiction! You can come check them out yourself when the sale happens on 25-26 August 2016, at Central Library. See you then!


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