Innova Junior College visits NUS Libraries

On 8 April 2016, NUS Libraries welcomed a group of energetic students and teachers from Innova Junior College. These students are members of the Library Council, an upcoming Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) in their junior college. Our librarians took the students on a tour in Central Library and Chinese Library, taking the opportunity to share with them the range of resources and services that are available in NUS Libraries.


After the tour, everyone gathered at a cosy corner on level 4 of Central Library and exchanged some good pointers on managing library materials and facilities. One of the teachers shared that their library, named Libraria (don’t you just find this name elegant?), is about to undergo a revamp and they hoped to transform their library into one as conducive for their needs as NUS Central Library. Some students also raised their upcoming plans to hold activities in their library and wanted to learn from how NUS Libraries reaches out to faculty staff and students to participate in the various activities at the Libraries. In turn, our librarians shared their experiences and brought up suggestions, which seemed to inspire the young potential ‘librarians’ as they were fervently jotting down notes in their notebooks. Such passion!


It was certainly an enriching experience, not just for the teachers and students of Innova Junior College, but also for our librarians! We wish Innova Junior College all the best and look forward to hearing about their upcoming newly furnished library!


For more images of their visit, check out:

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