Minuscule Pieces of the Science Library

I love miniatures. Making the bite-size replica of a real-life object unleashes my inner child and allows me to look at the surroundings at a different angle. This time round, I decide to place the spotlight on the prominent (or perhaps forgotten) corners in the library. To all self-proclaimed avid fans of the Science Library out there, how many of these spaces can you recognize here?


Book Drops


Book drops. With their appearances resembling the old English postboxes, these iconic book chutes stand strikingly beside the main entrance. You can “feed” these boxes with the library items that you wish to return (no letters please) but take note of the exceptions.

New Books Corner

“New Books” Corner. Keep a lookout for our newly-purchased titles in this cozy corner. You can also receive regular alerts on the new library titles via MyLINC.


LINC Terminals

LINC terminals. Conveniently located at levels 4 and 5, these LINC PCs come in handy if you are looking for a library item.


Current Journals

Current Journals. Besides the sizeable physical collection of journals in the library, you can locate e-journals in FindMore or LINC. Likewise, look out for the label “Electronic version of this journal available” on the magazine holder to find out if you can view your favourite journal online.


SC Books Room

SC Books Room. Don’t forget our e-book collection as well!


Be sure to drop by these lovely spots the next time you head down to the Science Library. If you’re eagle-eyed enough, you can spot the above miniatures in our library!

Mak Jie Ying

Science Library

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