Medical Library’s 24 Hour Reading Area

All belongings and users have to be cleared 15 minutes before the library closes

The 24/7 Reading Area in the Medical Library is a place for students to study through the night.

Frequent late night users of the Medical Library are probably all aware that users and belongings have to cleared from the Medical Library before re-entering the 24 hour Reading Area via the card access side door.

We understand that it causes some inconvenience but it is necessary for smooth closing operations of the library and for the safety of your possessions.

The 15 minutes transition period is the time when the library staff check all areas prior to closing to make sure everyone is safely out of the library. Belongings are cleared to deter thefts as such incidents have happened in the past. We also want to prevent hogging of desks during stressful exam times when everyone is looking for a quiet place to study!!

Most of our library users are happy to comply and for that we thank you. However, some students leave their stuff unattended which our staff have to lug downstairs to deposit it with the security guards. We do this out of goodwill so please spare a thought for our staff!



The Library opening times varies during term and vacation and is displayed on our website and at the entrance to the Library. The closing announcement also clearly mentions that all our users have to take their belongings with them when they leave the library. Notices have also been put up to remind students who may leave the library earlier to grab a bite but leave their bags, books and laptops behind!

Once again, we thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Medical Library

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