Sleeping Corner @ NUS Libraries — April Fools Prank 2014

[As most of you should have figured out by now, this was NUS Libraries Social Media Team playing a small prank on April Fools. We hope this brought a small smile to your face:) Happy April everyone!]

Recently, NUS Libraries launched a  beta run of a revolutionary new service. “Sleeping Corners” were set up at various parts of the Central Library. It was part of a brand new initiative to give students space to rest and relax after a hard day of mugging. The “Sleeping Corners” proved popular, with many students giving their thumbs up of approval.

“I don’t stay on campus, so this is really convenient for me. Now I can recharge in between lectures!” said Tan Ai Khun, a 2nd year FASS student, as he stretched out for a nap beside the LINC terminals on Level 4.


Sleeping Corner combined


“I love the mattress and pillows. They are so comfortable, and they make the library look so homely,” said Siti Bte Tidur, a 1st year Engineering student, who decided to spend her lunch break resting in a “Sleeping Corner” at one of the chat points.

It is a common sight to see tired students laying their heads on the table for a short nap. While this simple act may help them to recharge, it could actually bring more harm than good. The position of laying your head sideways on the table may cause neck muscles strain and numbness in the arms. Some students may also inevitably drool on the table due to the awkward position and hence, creating an embarrassing situation when they wake up and also compromising the hygiene of the library facilities.





NUS Libraries hopes to organize more such student-friendly initiatives in the future! Do leave your comments and let us know of any other initiatives NUS Libraries can be involved in!


  1. czw

    Is this an April Fool’s joke? Hahaha

  2. Author umarani

    Haha, yup! Happy April Fools Day! 🙂

  3. Narayanankutty

    Great going. A splendid idea to make the patrons at home. Thanks and hats off to the brain of this idea and the management for the green signal.

  4. Veggie

    Hello! Though this is a joke, I was hoping it was real! I have always wanted a private space to have a quick but comfortable nap! It would be really helpful if NUS could have something like a sleeping capsule, snoozecube or something along those lines. I wouldn’t mind paying a small fee to have a proper nap, as we all know a good power nap can do wonders. So is it possible for the library or NUS to introduce something like this?

    Here are some examples:

  5. Isaac

    Actually, the library should really consider setting up sleep corners..

  6. Author umarani

    Hi, this was actually an April Fools prank though. Happy April!

  7. Author umarani

    Hi veggie,

    Yes, those are definitely some great ideas! While the Library is unaware of similar initiatives actually being planned at the moment, perhaps in the future such facilities may become reality. Who knows? Meanwhile, though, have a happy April!

  8. Author umarani

    Hi Isaac,
    Unfortunately at the moment the Library has a shortage of space and will have issues in the maintenance of such corners. Anyway, happy April!

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