3 great new features in FindMore@NUSL 2.0

Love our default library search – FindMore@NUSL? Now try FindMore@NUS 2.0 which was recently released for pilot testing! It has over half a dozen new features  but the following 3 stand-out to me as potentially most useful.


1. Browse the collection by disciplines


The richness and abundance of material you can find in NUS Libraries is great but can be very daunting.  FindMore@NUSL (which has most but not all of our online collection) lists over 380 million items.


380 mil results

380 million results displayed in FindMore@NUSL 2.0!


Now on top of searching by keywords and looking at the results, you can filter by disciplines.

Most items in FindMore@NUSL are classified into 59 standard disciplines eg. Physics, Economics, Education), and you can use them to look at your results through the lens of totally different disciplines to get different takes on the same subject. (How does the new Discipline filter differ from the existing Subject Term filter?)

Say for example, you have an assignment to discuss the review the role and function of vampire myths, legends and folktales around the world and the on-going fascination with the vampire myth.

You could try search terms like Vampire myth, vampire films etc, but a different tack would be to search for a broad term like Vampire and then try to refine to various disciplines to see what you get.

FM Broad Search

Do a broad search in FindMore@NUSL 2.0 “vampire” and then filter by discipline.

Obvious disciplines to filter to would be film, anthropology, psychology etc. But don’t miss out trying other less obvious disciplines, you may find odd connections and ideas. For example for dental, you get an interesting half-joking example, “can vampires get cavities”.

can vamp get cavities


For some of the results you may notice the results aren’t too relevant, so to tighten the results you may want to tighten up the results using the technique from Part (I) above and do a tighter search where the search term is only in the subject or title using advanced search.

For example say you are considering doing research using a specific quantitative or qualitative technique. Besides books or papers on the actual technique you might want to see examples of articles that actually use that technique across different disciplines.

Say, you might want to see how “ground theory” or “logistic regression” techniques are used in actual papers from different disciplines

Just use advanced search to restrict the search to the subject logistic regression then filter to the different disciplines you are interested in.


2.  Grouped Newspaper articles and image spotlighting


grp newspaper


One major difference you will notice when looking at the results in 1.0 vs 2.0 of FindMore@NUSL is you will notice groups news and images.

One of the feedback we received was how the newspaper results often swamped the search results when you weren’t looking for newspapers. On the other hand, filtering out newspaper articles by default meant those of you actually looking for newspaper articles would miss that.

2.0 offers the best of both worlds, where it will when relevant show the top 3 news results matching the search as shown above. If you are interested in seeing all news for that search just click on the top title .

Also new is FindMore@NUSL 2.0 now spotlights images, photos etc from image databases. Currently, we don’t have that many databases included but will add more in the future.


3. Powerful Advanced Search

I know we are used to Google type keyword searching and FindMore@NUSL supports that very well. But there are times, where the relevancy may not be up to the scratch and these are the times when you might like to flex some of your advanced search skills. FindMore@NUSL 2.0 gives you this opportunity.

For instance try this search : “national service” singapore


ns singapore


Go look at the results  and come back (see above). Notice how some of the results are not quite relevant.

Now, try instead the following search in advanced search. To get to the advanced screen, click on the arrow button next to the search button.


fm search bar

Click on the down arrow to access the advanced search


In the advanced search try this search


advanced search

An advanced search restricting Singapore to be in title/subject terms/geographic location/abstract


Look at the results here , notice the improvement?

For those of you who don’t understand what this search does, you can brush up on the concept of Boolean operators for searching here. What this search does is that it limits to results where Singapore can be found in Title OR Subject Terms OR Geographical Location OR abstract rather than in all fields including full-text.

This improves the precision of the search as otherwise you may get books that only mention Singapore in passing but isn’t really about Singapore.

You can use the same trick for any other Singapore topic. For example here are the results for space history Singapore, using this search technique.


advanced search2

Another example of advanced search in FindMore@NUSL 2.0



These are just 3 of the new features, in the 2.0 version of FindMore@NUSL. Why not give it a try and let us know what you think?

  1. Takumi

    Good explanation, I had a rough picture of the 3 improvement. After some trials, I found the results are more relevant especially in the advance search function.

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