Tour Medical Library from Cyberspace

NUS Medical Library’s 3D interactive map is now online.

The 3D Interactive Map is a virtual reality model of the Medical Library. Using 3D technology, it showcases detailed landmarks in different sections of the library, complete with descriptive information and photo images. Visitors can have a real-time experience of exploring the libraries using the interactive features of the map.

Here are some features of the map:

  • Self-navigation using the vantage point of either aerial view or ground view
  • Browsing of landmarks from the landmark directory
  • Landmark search function
  • Ability to select landmarks for a customised virtual tour
  • Availability as an app on App Store for iPads

For details about the 3D map, such as the getting started guide and system requirements, please access our NUS Libraries 3D Tour page.

For feedback and assistance with the map, please email Medical Library at

Lee Seok Hong
Medical Library 


  1. Como Guide

    Will the 3D map also allow me to save my waypoints and eventually calculate distances?

  2. Author umarani

    Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, our 3D map does not allow users to save waypoints and do distance calculations at the moment. It only serves as a simple virtual navigation map for the library’s interior.

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