FindMore Turns 6 Months Old

FindMore@NUSL was launched on 12 Dec 2012 and has seen over 340 thousand visits and 1.1 million searches. We have received numerous feedback and are continually improving the system.

Some improvements which we have made include:

  • Adding of new materials, including open-access e-journals and e-book packages
  • More accurate display of content types, especially for e-books
  • Various small tweaks to the interface for usability, such as clarifying of confusing terms
  • Setting up of database and “best bets” recommendations

Some users have suggested that the relevancy ranking can be improved, and this is something we are working on. In the meantime, the statistics we have gathered show that the Book/eBook filter at the results page is used very often. Hence, we have added new radio buttons below the search box:

This helps to save time, as you can now pre-filter the results to only Books or Articles if that is the material type which you need. Of course, you can always use the default “Everything” option.

You can further filter the results by author, as shown at the bottom left corner of the screencapture below:

While this tweak helps, it does not resolve all relevancy ranking issues. You may want to try the recommendations that may appear for better results:

We are planning to release the next major update, FindMore@NUSL version 2.0, in July/August 2013. This upgrade will improve the user interface with the grouping and spotlighting of similar materials such as newspapers articles or reference works. Moreover, the automatic query expansion feature will further improve relevancy ranking by automatically searching for synonyms when appropriate. For example when you search for “heart attack” it will also search for the technical term, Myocardial infarction.

Do continue to let us know your thoughts about FindMore@NUSL as we work to improve it further.

Aaron Tay
FindMore Support Team 

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