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I happened to watch a Korean drama recently. The Third Hospital is about the rivalry between a genius neurosurgeon Kim Doo Hyun (Kim Seung Woo, first from the right) and the equally prominent oriental medicine specialist Kim Seung Hyun (Oh Ji Ho, first from the left). The two brothers–along with their own friends and teams–compete ferociously against each other because of their different views on medicine, yet do not hesitate to put aside those differences to save the lives of patients.

Pitting East again West in terms of medicine is an interesting concept that made me ponder about the role of  herbs and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in modern society. With that in mind I dug up some interesting books in the Medical Library:


For The Layperson:

Ginseng “The divine herb”: The secrets of Chinese, Korean and Siberian ginseng (RS165 Gin.B)

Cordyceps: China’s healing mushroom (RM666 Mus.Ha)

Chinese Medicine: The web that has no weaver (R601 Kap)

A general introduction to traditional Chinese medicine (R601 Gee 2010)

Who can ride the dragon?: An exploration of the cultural roots of traditional Chinese medicine (R601 Zha 1999)

The herbs of life: Health & healing using Western & Chinese techniques (RM666 Her.T)

For the TCM Student:

Traditional Chinese medicine (R601 Tra 2011)

Chinese herbal medicines: Comparisons and characteristics (RM666 Her.Y 2002)

For the modern TCM practitioner:

Integrating East Asian medicine into contemporary healthcare (R733 Int 2012)

The way forward for Chinese medicine (R601 Way 2002) 

Chinese Medicine: Modern practice (R601 Chi 2005)

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Modern applications of traditional formulas (RM666 Her.Li 2005)


But back to the drama…

This mini Korean version of Grey’s Anatomy packs elements of modern and traditional medicine, professional rivalry, humour and hospital drama.  It also has beauties in the form of Soo Young from SNSD aka Girls Generation (second from left) who plays Lee Eujin, a cute and spunky violist; and Kim Min Jung (second from right) plays a second year resident with a care-free character. Do check out the series!

Jonathan Pradubsook
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