E-Books with DRM restrictions

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is used in book, music and film publishing to restrict unauthorized copying, conversion and distribution of content. It is also used in some e-books. In the case of Taylor & Francis’ DRM-protected titles in our e-books collection, they have a yellow DRM icon to the right of the title bar:

For Adobe Reader to read the protected document, a plug-in called FileOpen must be installed. Instructions on installing the plug-in can be found here.

Currently, about 25% of the Taylor & Francis e-books purchased by NUS Libraries have DRM protection, and Taylor & Francis is working on reducing this number.

Besides Taylor and Francis e-books, there are other titles in our e-books collection which have DRM restrictions. Here are more FAQs on DRM protected books and e-books in general: http://libfaq.nus.edu.sg/browse.php?tid=19792.


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