Publisher’s Talk on Writing a Journal Article

Writing an academic article can cause anxiety and stress, especially for the uninitiated. One way of constructively handling such fears is to seek advice from the experts, such as publishers or previously published writers.

On the 18th of September, 150 NUS staff and students attended a talk organized by the library. The speaker, Rosalia Garcia, Library Sales & Marketing Director (Asia Pacific) of SAGE Publications, shared with the audience how to write a good and publishable article.

Among the topics she covered were:

  • keys to positive writing experiences
  • what gets published and why
  • importance of selecting the right journal
  • steps involved in preparing your manuscript and writing your article
  • common mistakes in citing references

Based on the feedback received, the audience found the talk to be useful, especially for first-time writers and researchers. Following the talk, the audience was treated to refreshments, courtesy of SAGE.

If you missed attending the talk, do not fret. You can still view the webcast via the following link: (NUSNET login required). Please log into the NUS WebVPN if you are viewing the webcast from home.

The library organizes such publisher’s talks throughout the year, so do check our library portal or social media channels for upcoming events.

Georgiana Glass
Central Library

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