Celebrating 25 years with Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library


HSSML celebrates its 25th anniversary with this website filled with pictures from yesteryears.

Included in this guide are also pictures from the photo archive of Mr Hon Sui Sen.

HSSML was built in memory of Mr Hon Sui Sen, former Minister of Finance who played a major role for his contribution to Singapore’s industrial development and banking activities. Mr Hon was not only known for his contribution to Singapore as a top civil servant and senior minister, but also for his unassuming character and modesty.

HSSML opened its doors in 1987 serving the then Faculty of Business Administration.

Since then, the library has expanded its collection, services and space in the direction of  the needs of students and lecturers. Collections have moved from printed books to more electronic resources. Services now include not only face-to-face services but also more online services. Space has grown to include larger reading areas and more discussion rooms.

It has been a long and joyful ride.

Here’s wishing HSSML another 25 years and more! Yay!


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