I Know What HSSML Librarians Did This Vacation

Librarians don’t go on vacation. The library is their vacation.

So the next question is – got fun, meh?

TNL can tell you with a straight-face, nary a single twitch  – “Woo hoooo!!”

One of the librarians had to produce a video for HSSML’s 25th anniversary guide. But it ended up with the whole gang and their fingers in the pie. Here are the videos they came up with:

There are more to come. But you know how the semester gets. So it will be next vacation then.

Woo hoooo!

  1. I think the question isn’t whehter there will be librarians but, as the video rightly explores, in what capacities librarians of the future will operate. The comments in the video summarize it pretty well. Although advances in technology will obviate some of the librarian’s responsibility for finding information for people, we still don’t have the technology to replace other valuable services. Computers are very good at finding information but not as good at classifying information according to human relationships (although Google can get eerily close at times). Librarians will always be around to classify information and, more importantly, work with programmers to design new information systems and technology.

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