Chrome is Back

Good news! We have finally implemented a solution to the Google Chrome massive downloading problem. This means that users can now use Google Chrome to access our e-resources.

A quick recap of the problem: since last year (as we announced), we had to impose a temporary block on Google Chrome’s access to our electronic resources. The latest version of Google Chrome comes with a built-in PDF plug-in API which reportedly improves the browser’s support for PDF. However, we discovered that this results in Chrome downloading the same PDF file multiple times. This interfered with the current method used by e-resources publishers and our library proxy violation prevention system to detect massive downloading, causing both the publishers and the library proxy to consider this as a violation. NUS was blocked by a publisher on this account. Users also received warning messages and temporary suspension of  access to e-resources.

We have removed the block since 1 Jun 2012, after the successful implementation of a solution which required significant effort and financial commitment to address the issue.

We would like to thank all NUS staff and students who use Chrome for their patience!

Yow Wei Chui
Library Information Technology Unit

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