La Luna (Or How TNL Got Her Groove Back)

It takes a moon. Go figure.

Walking back home one balmy evening, TNL looked up in the grey evening sky and there it was – a slice of lemon in the sky.

A few years ago, she had started a game with a friend before he upped and left for an orphanage in Africa.

“Do you see the same moon as I do?” TNL had text-ed. And he had text-ed back , “I see the Cheshire cat.” 🙂

Whenever she happens to be out in the evenings, TNL could not resist looking up to the sky and wondered if her friends would see the same moon as she did.

So she had text-ed 2 friends whom she thought of when it comes to all things beautiful in its simplest form. Both had exhibited their black-and-white photos and both were sensitive to what they see. “Look up in the sky. A slice of lemon.”

And you know what – both, mind you, both, replied – they don’t see the moon from their windows.

That was it. There it went. This romantic notion of sharing the sublime and the subtle, the beautiful and the benign with kindred spirits.

What happened to my friends?! It’s a Saturday evening! Go out, look up! Sheessh….

It’s bad enough that we hardly see the stars with all that glare from our city lights. But there is still the moon. And the best thing about it is that it changes.

It is a Cheshire Cat one day. Then, a slice of lemon and at its very brightest, a hard boiled egg yolk. Or a shiney gold button. Or a light bulb (and if its next to your window, you really don’t need one). Sometimes you just feel like pressing it right in the middle to see if the whole mass of black sky would get sucked in.

And if you look long enough, you see the rabbit. Sometimes you just see its feet, sometimes its bunny ears. But it’s always there – a shadow in a yellow glow.

Sigh… So do we see the same moon? Apparently NOT.

Anyway, here’s something for those of you who are as moonstruck as TNL.

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