How Can TNL Get Her Groove Back?

TNL can’t write.

Words don’t come out easily. There is this constant irritating use of the backspace and delete keys. And there is a constipation of words and expressions. Stuff are stuck in between a dark and a darker place. Ok, too much information already.

Even when they do eventually get out, the stuff just stays there insipidly staring into space.

They are just simply words. Why can’t they get out? They don’t even sit on the tip of her tougue. They are just nowhere.

What’s that word for cats again? She wanted to describe a friend’s cute cat, Jesse. Is it funky.. fishy.. furry.. fluffy? No, it was frisky.

And what about the word she wanted to describe relationships? Relationships that have been in the news of late. Illegitimate, ill-gotten, immoral? No, it was illicit.

It is just sapping away. Hang on, is it zapping away? No, it’s sapping away. As in a tree’s sap, bleeding, dripping away… whatever.

TNL hates this.  Put her out of her misery already!

  1. Don’t worry, we all go through this. You’ll get out of this funk sooner or later. Hopefully sooner!

  2. Author The Naked Librarian

    Thanks, Pinto-man. Yeah, hopefully sooner. You think TNL should go the Stella-way? Well, maybe not Jamaica. Penang is good…food’s good… the question is – strapping 20 year olds? Hmmm…

  3. Ruby

    Maybe it’s just good food that you need. Temporary aphasia will go, as Kenneth says. But it may stick around if your everyday vocabulary is now a much more limited, often-used range of words. I was much definitely much better as an A-level lit student!

  4. The Naked Librarian

    Don’t think its a food problem. TNL eats good enough. Likely to be strapping-20-year-old problem, TNL suppposes. Or maybe a 57 year old one… give or take a few years… TNL isn’t choosy. She can’t afford to be! Writing is at stake!

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