Clinic Sessions for Engineering Students – Questions Asked After the Sessions (Part 2)

We did a blog post for the topic “social media and citizen journalism”, next up –

Social media and how it encourages teens to be promiscuous, display violent behavior because of online gaming, buy luxury goods because celebrities tout what they wear in their Facebook

Again, you would need to have either looked through the EG1413 Breeze presentation or attended our clinic sessions to fully apply the searches.

1. The question here is NOT the impact on lives is but a whole lot of “impacts” to work on. And then, there is the issue of contextualizing it in Singapore.

2. Let’s look at each behavior that the students brought up:

  • Prosmicuous behavior.
  • Violent behavior (correlating it to online gaming)
  • Buying behavior (correlating it to fashion of celebrities)

3. Use PsycInfo, Sociological Abstracts and Business Source Premier (include Communication Mass Media Complete and Communication Abstracts).  We are suggesting PsycInfo and Sociological Abstracts because of the “behavior” articles you need.

5. Do a separate search for each behavior. Some suggestions:

(“social media” or twitter or facebook or blog*) and (teen* or young people) and (sex* or promiscu*) and behavior*

(“social media” or twitter or facebook or blog*) and (teen* or young people) and (violen* or agress*) and behavior*


6. Look at the relevant results for each search and get a sense of the recommendations proposed in the articles retrieved. The question is – can these recommendations be applied to more than 1 behavior?

7. If so, would they be “tight” or “focused” enough to write your Position Paper without you falling into an abyss?

8. If not, do you have enough to work on only 1 behavior. Which behavior?

9. Once you select only 1 behavior, consider looking at it from a different angle. For eg. for promiscuity or sexual behavior among teens – how about relationships between a teacher and a student?

10. To explore this angle, your search could be:

(“social media” or twitter or facebook or blog*) and (teen* or young people or student*) and teacher* and sex*

11. Do similar searches in Factiva.  Apart from the 1st search which would not have any limiters, do other searches limiting to Singapore sources and Region Singapore.

12. We did not give examples for the 3rd behavior – the buying behavior and correlating it to celebrities’ fashion style as touted in their Facebooks, etc. This one requires more complex searching and more work. Those who are interested in this angle, please email us.

Ok. Email us if you any help:

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