Chinese Literature Seminar on 27 October 2011

In order to appreciate the ancient Chinese culture, Chinese Society Literature Group will organise a Chinese Literature seminar on 27 October 2011 (Thursday), which is in collaboration with NUS Department of Chinese Studies and Chinese Library.

The celebrities of Wei-Jin and Ming-Qing Dynasty in ancient China have honorable behaviors standing out from the vulgar prevalent custom. How could they keep themselves from being polluted in that material world, surrounded by power and money? By means of taking advantages of culture and even sacrificing themselves, patriots in Qing Dynasty dedicated their whole lives to serving and saving their country and boycotting the advent of new era brought by Xin-Hai Revolution. Their perspectives of life and world, which represented their particular social images, exerted great impacts on the then governments and populace.

We cordially invite all the students and staffs across the campus to take this opportunity to get an insightful view on how these cultural celebrities lived a wonderful life in that turbulent society.

Details of the seminar are as follows:

Topic: Romantic Wei-Jin and Persistent Ming-Qing in Ancient China (潇洒魏晋、执著明清)
Date: 27 October 2011 (Thursday)
Time: 3pm-5pm
Venue: Central Library Level 4 Theatrette 1
Speakers: Prof Xiao Chi, Dr Lam lap and Prof Lo Yuet Keung from the Department of Chinese Studies, NUS

This event is free admission. For further information, please refer to the poster on the NUS Libraries’ portal.

For enquiries, please contact Luo Xuan at 90786765.

Luo Xuan
NUS Chinese Society Literature Group

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