MNO1001X and MKT1003X Exam Papers

Looking for past year’s exam papers for BIZ modules MNO1001X (Management & Organizatrion) and MKT1003X (Marketing)?
Search the Exam Papers database BUT with the module code MNO1001 and MKT1003 – that is, without the X at the end.
In the past years, these modules did not have the X at the end of the module. Search for it as it was coded then. Without the X.

1. Go to NUS Libraries portal (



2. Click on Exam Papers. Enter the module code.

exam papers tab


3. Login using your NUSNET ID or Computer ID and password.



4. Select the paper by clicking on any of the blue links.



5. Click on View the attached PDF file.



Sometimes you don’t get the paper because the paper was not released to the library. In such cases, please contact your lecturer.

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