Bizad Academic Fair and Roadshow (What Great Fun!)

The shenanigans that librarians get up to. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

TNL was at the Bizad Academic Fair and Roadshow last Mon and my, oh, my… check these pics out.

Here you see the 2 librarians from the Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library standing quietly in front of their booth at the start of the roadshow. rd01

Wai Kit is wearing the giant book he made – “Library for Newbies”. Kah Wei is wearing giant earrings which are miniatures of Wai Kit’s book cover.rd02

Wai Kit’s book cover opens to a pink torso with a stack of HSSML Fact Sheets for the taking and a sign that says “Please take a piece of me”. Now, this is where the fun starts…


Here is Wait Kit flashing the students. What can TNL say? The girls knew a “piece” of Wai Kit was good to have. So a piece each they certainly took. But the chap on the right had only this to say – “I rather not”.


These chaps, on the other hand, were curious. Very curious.


TNL shan’t say too much of what this chap had in mind. With nary a thought, he took what he wanted.


Kah Wei had her share of comments about her earrings. The first comment came from a near-sighted but polite young man of good taste. “Aunty, your earrings damn cool.”


Then, some girls started asking questions about how the earrings were made. Oi! Ask about the library leh!


All in all, the librarians had lots of fun. They gave out over 200 library guides and highlighters. The Dean came by with a wide smile and a thumbs-up. Lots of friends from the faculty sauntered by to chat and gave their support.

As for TNL – well, she didn’t quite get to take a piece of anything. But just so you know… she had a fun time too.

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