Beta Library Portal & Mobile Portal

About 2 weeks ago, we revealed the beta version of our new portal.

Since then, many of you have looked at it, used it and provided valuable feedback to us. We really appreciate it and work to improve upon what we already have as we move towards the official launch date.

Beta library portal

For those who have not seen it, it’s not too late. Try it here and let us know what you think!

We have a new mobile beta portal as well! Those of you with smartphones will be led to the mobile version of the beta library portal first when you access From there, you have the option to view the full version of the portal.

Mobile library portal

The mobile version extracts features from the main portal that are more frequently used by our staff and students and displays these in a simple row style that loads quickly. Do try it on your phones and let us know of any issues encountered. If you do have ideas for enhancements, do let us know too by emailing us.

Happy surfing!

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  1. gerad teo

    I was wondering how did u manage to get a screen capture of the mobile web version of the library webpage?


  2. Ruby Seng

    Hi Gerad, the Samsung Galaxy S/SII phones do screen captures when you press the home and back buttons simultaneously. There are also some apps for rooted (jailbroken) Android phones that take screen captures and movies, e.g. Shootme. I’m not familiar with other smartphones, but I’m sure a Google search of the phone’s name & model plus the phrase screen capture should give you some answers.

  3. The new portal looks extremely userfriendly and easy to use!

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