LawnetLawNet is a prime source of legal information on Singapore by Singapore Academy of Law.  It provides access to primary and secondary legal information on Singapore and about Commonwealth. The legal research module in Lawnet is called Legal Workbench. LawNet also gives access to legal materials from other jurisdictions such as UK, Australia, New Zealand (AustLII), Hong Kong (HKLII) and India. Users can search across jurisdiction, to save time and effort.  AustLII and HKLII are free resources available on web.  

Singapore legal materials include:

  • Singapore Law Reports (1965- )
  • Judgments  (1991- )
  • Legislation (1997- )
  • Parliamentary debates, official reports (1955- )
  • Heritage Law Reports –Early law reports
  • Treaties
  • Journals, text books, legal news etc.

Legal materials from other jurisdictions include:

  • The Malayan Law Journal (Judgments from Malaysian & Brunei Courts)
  • UK Law Reports (ICLR, 1865- ) and Weekly Law Reports (1953- )
  • AustLII (Australia & New Zealand), HKLII (Hong Kong)
  • SCC online (Indian Supreme Court cases, 1969- )

Legal workbench

The simple search option allows searching by keyword over all resources or by citation. Under the Legal Research tab, there are few search options such as basic combined search for all resources and resource specific search under each sub-tab like cases, reference material, legislation etc.

Lawnet legal research

Under Cases, you can restrict your search to Singapore and Malaysian cases or search for AustLII, HKLII and English cases. SCC online provides a separate search interface. Reference material includes journals, textbooks, commentary, legal news and updates. Legislation, which is Singapore’s Versioned Legislation Database, contains statutes, subsidiary legislation and act supplements. Parliamentary reports provides full-text of Parliamentary debates (Hansard reports), sessional and select committee reports. The Treaties section contains bilateral and multilateral treaties and agreements to which Singapore is a party.

NUS Libraries subscribes to LawNet Legal Workbench and all NUS staff and students can access it via the catalogue. Law faculty and students can also access LawNet via the NUS Law proxy service, as it is subscribed by Faculty of Law.

Bissy Ithack
C J Koh Law Library

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