Mission Accomplished

Last December, the Medical/Science Library building completed the fire safety regularization project. The aims of the project are to improve the fire safety standard of the building and provide a better study and research environment.

We have introduced open-concept washrooms and added toilets for those with special needs. Ceilings are now higher and the air circulation has improved.  Automatic sensor taps were installed to meet the National Environment Agency’s water saving requirements.

The central staircase is now protected by roller shutters in the event of an emergency. The shutter prevents smoke and fire from coming into the central staircase, making sure those in the building can leave safely. The two existing emergency staircases are now enhanced with a separate smoke-stop lobby on each floor. This small air-con monitored room serves as a buffer area for air circulation in case of fire, making sure that fire or smoke does not enter the evacuation staircase. An outdoor emergency staircase was built, with emergency doors opening to each floor of the building. This emergency route provides yet another evacuation route. All emergency doors are electromagnetic locked and monitored by the central security system. The signage and EXIT lightings were also relocated to improve their visibility.

Roller Shutter

The library is now implementing a one-stage emergency evacuation system, i.e. once the fire alarm is activated, everyone within the building must evacuate immediately without any further instructions needed. This will ensure the maximum safety of our users as well as our staff.


Liu Yupeng
Medical/Science Library

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