People We Remember

Recently, TNL read in Straits Times that a certain Japanese MBA student was found killed at a back alley at Bukit Pasoh.

Her heart skipped a beat when she read the name. When she continued reading, bits of information started confirming that the student was the same grad student who asked her what was the easiest question she had to answer (see post).

It is startling. It seems odd that this person whom you spoke to just a while ago isn’t going to speak to you again. It is the same startling “No, this can’t be” of when a lecturer you knew died of a sudden heart attack or succumbed to his illness when you didn’t even know he was sick.

Many of us at the library remember our lecturers who have passed on. We remember the conversations we had with them, their particular habits and their characteristics as we serve them. They don’t completely go.

Likewise, we remember Taka.

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