Librarians, Aliens & Things That Go Bump at Night

Last Friday was an exciting time for us at Central Library. We cracked a 30 year-old cold case, rescued a librarian lost in a fifth dimensional alien vortex and introduced ourselves to 160 SDE freshmen, all in a matter of hours.

librarians involved in the games

Have we lost our minds? Certainly not! This elaborate set-up was simply our game station for the SDE’s Freshmen Orientation Camp games. Just for those few hours, our librarians became secret agents from the Central Library Investigation Bureau (C.L.I.B) and the freshmen were brilliant young minds called from afar to assist us with Case #1202–Mystery of the Missing Librarian.

In order to solve the mystery, the freshmen had to go to specific locations in Central Library to find some clues and through this, familiarize themselves with important places in the library. From the thunderous flapping of flip-flops all over the library to the cheers of victory when each clue was found, I believe it is safe to say that many camp-goers had a fun experience.

SDE students finding clues

On our part, we were glad to meet the freshmen and share with them about the resources, amenities and services which they have access to as NUS students. Of course, it was also important that they got to meet the SDE resource librarians whom they can approach for help with their research and coursework.

We thoroughly enjoyed the few hours and we look forward to more adventures as special agents from C.L.I.B! Check out our Flickr account for more pictures.

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