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Like many, I recently acquired an iPhone. Being a librarian, I was intrigued to see the emergence of academic related iPhone apps and mobile friendly sites. Today, I’m going to mention two of the latest ones I have come across. Unlike other iPhone apps that relate to article databases (e.g. Scopus, SSRN, various PubMed or ArXiv related apps etc) , these two apps allow you to quickly look up statistical data.

The first one is OECD Factbook. Of course, NUS Libraries has access to the very useful SourceOECD resource. But what if you’re on the go and need to quickly look up a statistic? Just install the free OECD Factbook 2010 iPhone app!


OECDfactbook 2010 is useful, but it does not give you access to every statistic in SourceOECD. If you want something more comprehensive, take a look at World Bank’s DataFinder.  The library subscribes to World Bank’s International Financial Statistics which is a popular statistical resource. World Bank recently went “Open Data”, which means that many of the statistical data they used to charge is now freely available. Data from International Financial Statistics (as well as other data packages from World Bank) will now be freely available. 

While you can of course go to the site and get the data, they have also launched a free iPhone app which is very handy for looking of statistics on the go. This amazing app gives you access to over 50 years of indicators.


Like most statistical databases, you can select the series, country and year of interest and it will plot out a graph for you.

CPI of Singapore and Malaysia from 1980 onwards

You can then save this on your iPhone and email either the graph and/or data in csv (comma separated values) format.

Both apps are compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad but require iPhone OS 3.0 or later to run. If you own a iPhone or Smartphone , what do you think of such apps. Would you use them?

Aaron Tay
Central Library

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