New Electronic Resources in January

We have enhanced our electronic resources collection by adding new titles, including a few water policy related reports. Some resources, such as American Affairs: An American Review and Frontiers in Bioscience are now available in both print and electronic versions. Do note that some of the new resources such as Global Water Intelligence require you to register the first time you access the site.

Here is the list of new resources. Let us know what you think!

1. Frontiers in Bioscience

2. Journal of Earth Science (previously Journal of China University of Geosciences)

3. Environment

4. Nephron: Clinical Practice

5. The Oncologist

6. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

7. International Journal of Project Organisation & Management

8. Global Water Intelligence

9. Water Desalination Report

10. Water Market India

11. Water Market China 2009

12. Water & Wastewater Utilities of the World

13. ADA Professional Product Review

14. Asian Affairs: An American Review

15. Mathematics Teacher

16. AJNR, American Journal of Neuroradiology

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