Catalogues: Newer versus Classic

There are two catalogues that co-exist on the library website: LINC+ and LINC.


The default catalogue is LINC+, which looks similar to basic search engines because it has a single search box. It searches the author, title, keyword, subject and notes fields all at the same time. You can refine your results by date, location, format, language and collection. The tags on the right show subject headings that are commonly assigned to books listed in the result. LINC+ is a good tool for browsing the collection.

The classic catalogue, LINC, may look a little more traditional, but don’t dismiss it! It’s excellent for searching if you have something more precise in mind. It allows you to specify which field you want to search, so the results are likely to be more relevant to your needs. For an even more precise search, click on the advanced search tab.

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