Legal Films


While I was at the Information Desk one day, a law professor requested the library to purchase films that she wanted to use for a module. So we started discussing the benefits of films as a teaching aid.

Films are seldom used in class, and the novelty factor can make students more excited about the topics being discussed. On a superficial level, films can be used by law professors to illustrate the legal process. On a deeper level, they can also provoke critical thinking and analysis. For example watching Twelve Angry Men can stimulate a debate about the role and selection of the jury. It can also generate a critical analysis of the pros and cons of the jury system. Films that depict lawyers can be used for analysing the roles of lawyers in society. In addition, many films can be used to discuss the issue of legal ethics.

Some films which can be used in law classes are: Minority Report (2002), Erin Brockovich (2000), The Rainmaker (1997), My Cousin Vinny (1992), Class Action (1991) and Jagged Edge (1986).

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