Changes in LINC & LINC+

With effect from 27 Oct, there will be changes to the options of collection scopes in LINC and LINC+ (in the “Refined By” column of search results). The changes are to facilitate your search for materials in specific library and format collections.


Existing Scope Replaced By Remarks

Digital/AV Collection

CD/DVD-ROM Collection Includes CD-I, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and CD ROM multimedia
E-Resources Collection Includes internet, e-book and resource records
Microforms Collection Includes microfiche and microfilm
Sound Recordings Collection Includes audiocassette and CD-audio
 Videos/Films Collection Includes video-CD, video interactive, digital video, videocassette, video disk (LD) and film
  Theses Collection Theses (NUS) Collection Includes theses submitted to NUS and its predecessors
Theses (Non-NUS) Collection Includes foreign and local theses (from other institutions)


Additional Scope Remarks
Books Collection  
Music Scores Collection  
All NUS Libraries Refers to all the 7 NUS Libraries (i.e. Central Library, C J Koh Law Library, Chinese Library, Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library, Medical/Science Library and Music Library) 


Note: The current default collection scope i.e. “View Entire Collection” which includes all scopes available in LINC and LINC+ remain unchanged.

  1. Ruby Seng

    Dear library users, our collection of digital and audio visual materials has grown so large that it is not easy to look for them. So now, you can easily narrow your search to just the e-resources or CD collection, etc. 🙂

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