SDE-SOC Camp 2009

It’s that time of the year again…

When the campus is once again alive with the laughter and footfalls of new students playing orientation games, making friends and simply getting to know the environment which will be their second home for at least the next four years.

Central Library was also a hive of activity last Monday and Tuesday as the librarians played games with about 250 freshmen and seniors from SDE and SoC during their respective campus tour/games segments. The library game station was one that required patience, speed, specialized skills as well as teamwork to win and though many of the freshmen were tired out from their many previous games stations, they fought admirably on and completed the tasks quickly. There was excitement, lots of running and of course, some incredulity in the beginning as well. To quote a senior student attending the camp “What are we doing at the library? The library is actually hosting games???!! ”.

At the end of each day, we felt tired but it was a good kind of tired that comes from having done something satisfactory and worthwhile. Our message to them, I believe was clear – NUS Libraries welcomes them to this new stage of their lives and will be with them as they embark on this journey.

So freshmen (and seniors), you know where to find us!

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