A Wonderful Way to Spend the Morning

One Saturday morning in May 09, my friend and I met at 8am to visit the Bukit Timah Campus (BTC) as well as the nearby Botanic Gardens. I bought a new camera (Canon PowerShot A590) last year. Being a novice user, I wanted to learn to use some of the features of the camera rather than just “point and shoot”.

As I work at BTC, I also wanted to take the opportunity to capture the buildings and the scenery around here. The Botanic Gardens (Bukit Timah Core) was also one of the places that I thought would be an interesting place to visit.

Here are some of the pictures I took that day.

This was one of the first shots that I took when I reached the Eco-Lake in Botanic Gardens. The children were having fun and I took a picture of them from a distance. The swan happened to be at the “right place at the right time”.

While I was busy taking pictures of the children, these two little fellows came along. I was distracted and followed them as they swam near us. Besides my usual “point and shoot” way of taking pictures, I tried to use the different “modes” of the camera (though not very successful at times). This was a nice shot that I managed to capture.

It was past 9 a.m. and it was getting hot. We sat down to rest. I looked around for interesting shots to take. Click …click… this picture turned out much better than I thought. Hmmm… were we in Singapore or somewhere else in the world? Perhaps Kew Gardens? Wish it wasn’t so hot here, though.

I never thought of taking a picture of the C J Koh Law Library building this way. We were just about to leave when my friend pointed this out. We took this picture from across the road while trying to hold on to our umbrellas. The drivers who drove past us must have been wondering what we were up to!!!

We were waiting at the bus stop (Dunean Road) across the road from BTC. I spotted the Tower Block, the orange NUS signboard and “Bukit Timah Rd” sign. What a good combination! I quickly took out my camera and shot this photo before the traffic lights turned green.

These pictures aren’t that fantastic but it was a fun way of spending half the day.

  1. 99°F

    Nice shots!
    Especially the first 2 photos, very professional!

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