What’s Up at Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library?

One Stop Service Desk

We kind of figured that our students and library users would prefer to have all our information services in one place – hence, both Information Desk and Loans Desk are now located at one place – near the entrance of the library.

Then, some mysterious flu virus from across the Pacific Ocean decided we needed some temperature taking. That certainly threw a spanner in the works. So staff were deployed to stick the thermometers into ears while service points had to carry on. So what we figured earlier on, kicked in to pool resources.

We now have one point from which our services are given. Yay!

So what does this mean for you library users?

1. You get to borrow, return our library books, videos, DVDs all from one spot.

2. You don’t have to walk all the way to the other end of 1 level just to book seminar rooms, borrowing of newspapers, adaptors. You can do your booking just as you enter the library.

3. Got a question and want to ask us? We are there near the entrance of library – look for the sign that says “INFORMATION”.

4. Lost something? Oh, yes, these lost things do make their way to us. Come and look into the glass cabinet of lost items located near the Loans Desk.

So what happen to all the librarians sitting in that glass office behind the old Information Desk? We are still there and hey, if you feel like popping in to get some help for your research paper, etc, feel free to do so.

We ain’t going anywhere… yet…

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