Congratulations to Our Library Etiquette Contest Winners!

We’ve been getting very encouraging feedback from students regarding the Library Etiquette Month. Most liked the hanging messages and the humour used in our campaign although some questioned whether the campaign had any effect at all. Whatever it was, it gave some of us here at the library some food for thought to improve and expand our campaign next year.

Some of the comments written on the post-it notes were spot-on, indicating a general agreement that some behaviours need to be improved. Some students, despite the stress of assignment deadlines and upcoming exams have taken the time and trouble to pen thoughtful essays on the subject of appropriate library behaviour – well done and thank you! They are (in no particular order):

1) Chui Jian Wei, Year 4, Faculty of Engineering
2) Tan Guang Ling, Year 2, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
3) Loh Guan Liang, Year 4, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The above winners will receive a goodie bag comprising a tote bag, pencil case, mouse pad, water bottle, stationery and more.

You can read the winning entries on the Etiquette Month Display Panel at Level 4 (around the hanging messages) until April 17th or by clicking on the names of the students above.

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