TNL is Not Dead

It feels like it, though. Or at least, in a hole 6-feet under.  

It has been a frantic 1 month of deadlines to get some awesome stuff. Hopefully, all this frantic-ness will lead to some Eureka moment. Suffice to say, all that work has not quite come to a full-stop. More of a pause. Thinking, writing, thinking some more and writing some more. I have never had to write 2 proposals on the same subject for 2 different sets of administrators within the same period before and dealing with the communication that ensued. It was like being in a bizarre, parallel universe. TNL wasn’t quite sure whether she was coming or going. Did I just write that… or not?

Along the way, TNL got hit on the old noggin with the mother of all realities – the reality of manpower constraints. Ouch! Still nursing a bump but at least, that got me out of Never Land. I suppose TNL has administrators to thank for the regular reality checks.

Oh well, TNL is keeping her fingers, toes and eyes crossed. Not a pretty sight, mind you.

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