NUS Open House 2009

NUS Libraries exhibited at the NUS Open House this year as part of the Life on Campus display. Together with Office of Student Affairs, Centre for the Arts and University Town, we set out to give potential students a glimpse of what life in NUS consisted of. There are not only cultural and artistic pursuits, extra-curricular activities, a new University hub to look forward to; there is also a library network of seven libraries full of rich resources to support their academic needs.

Over at Central and Law Libraries, librarians and students conducted tours for many visitors as well. Many questions were asked about NUS Libraries’ services, resources, and mission and we were glad to be able to share with them our emphasis on providing high-quality, in time information to the NUS community.

In total, more than 300 people visited the libraries at NUS.

To view more pictures of this event, please to go to:

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