Where Have All the $$ Gone?

Ever wondered what the situation was like in past crises? Have you ever had the urge to find out more about what is happening now so as to make sense of the mess plaguing the world? Or do you just want to find out how you can survive the current turmoil better or how the world is changing to meet the financial challenges.

Come to Central Library level 4 to find the answers and more as we bring you another edition of “What to read for Fun, Knowledge and Joy” at our book cover display corner.

For the month of February, we are showcasing a large array of selections, telling you more about the financial crisis on topics such as:
• History of various past crises
• Analysis of the current crisis
• Relationship between recessions and crises
• Personalities and corporations associated with crisis; their views and stories
• Solutions: what the world and the common people can do to survive

So come down and take a look at our specially selected titles about the financial crisis.

In case you are wondering, the graph you see at the Library is a general indication of the state of the economy. The money you see is also real, contributed by our colleagues!

Some close-ups of the display:

The Making of the Book Display

A behind-the-scenes sneak peak:

The board stripped bare!


Some last minute on the spot work. To those around us, we apologise for the slight mess and for hogging the seats 🙂


“To the left? Maybe a little to the right?…” Piecing everything together.


The display is completed after four exhausting but fun hours!


The Crew
This month’s book display is happily brought to you by:
Executive Producer: Hayati
Assistant Executive Producer: Siew Keow
Creative Director: Herman
Technical Supervisor: Mala
Advisor: Yong Hua
  1. Ruby Seng

    Kudos to the hardworking and creative colleagues! It’s great to see librarians working on the cool display. 🙂

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