New Conference Proceedings Citation Indexes in Web of Science

The Web of Science has added two new citation indexes that allow users to perform integrated searching and citation analysis of journal articles and conference proceedings records within the database.

The Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) replaces the IS Proceedings database and covers over 110,000 conference proceedings from 2002 from the Scientific and Technical (CPCI-S) and Social Science and Humanities (CPCI-SSH) fields. The Conference Proceedings Citation indexes increases the total number of records in Web of Science to over 40 million.

With the addition of these two indexes, you will have the advantage of monitoring emerging trends in research prior to formal publication in a journal. You may also notice an increase in Times Cited counts for some records due to additional citations by conference papers. 

You will be able to retrieve conference records by selecting “Conference” as a search criterion and the checkbox of the Index. For each record retrieved, detailed information such as conference title, dates and location are indicated as well as the bibliographic information in which the paper was published. You can even retrieve the full-text of selected papers.

Results may be sorted and refined by Conference Title. In addition, a new document type, “Proceedings Paper” is used to uniquely identify conference papers and can be used to further refine the results list.

More information on the new indexes available at: 

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