Artvibe Exhibition ‘FUSION’

FUSION is a collection of works by the artists at NUS. As the name suggests, this collection represents a wide variety of works. It showcases the diverse talents of the students – their perspectives and views of life. Presented in a variety of mediums ranging from charcoal to oil and acrylics, and on topics ranging from serenity of the nature to rage or mystery, FUSION aims to display the rich mix of emotions that makes each of us unique.

Almost all of the exhibits are the works by the members of Art Vibe, who come from different faculties (ranging from Engineering to Science to Business), including both undergraduate and graduate students. This exhibition gives them an ideal opportunity to display their talents to the NUS community. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for most of them, who are artists at heart, but majoring in other fields, to keep alive that artist within them and to garner appreciation within NUS for their talent.

We hope that this would encourage others with similar artistic interests to join the Art Vibe community and to continue to contribute to the visual arts scene at NUS.

For details / feedback please contact: or 96420743 / 82338291.

FUSION exhibition runs at the Artsbuzz, Central Library from 25 January to 9 February 2009.

Madhurima Bhattacharya
Undergraduate, Faculty of Engineering

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